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ATTN: Physician Assistants


Are You Looking for the Best Way to
Earn Your AAPA Category I CME Credits?


Need Help Preparing for PANCE/PANRE?


Emory University School of Medicine’s
Complete Systems-Based Clinical Review
48 Hours of Video Instruction
Supplemental Modules
Test, Study, and Review Modes
300+ Quiz Questions
PANCE/PANRE Practice Exam
CME Credits Cover Full 2-Year Requirement


Learn More About This Comprehensive Program:

Continuing Education is a Lifetime Commitment. 


Dear Expert Physician Assistant, 

As a practicing PA, you have made the commendable career choice to help and serve others in your community. As a licensed professional you have a very real commitment to continue your medical education and training throughout your career as a practicing physician assistant or advanced practitioner.

Your expertise and courage have been tested in the front lines, but…

You have 12 months or less to get all your CME credits, and you’re a little stressed. 

Attending conferences can be expensive, inconvenient, and just not what you want to be dealing with right now.

You need a proven, reliable method to cover all your AAPA CME requirements, a program that you can complete at your convenience, that will improve your knowledge and skills as a clinician, and without having to disrupt your busy professional or personal life!

We understand your dilemma…



A Unique Systems-Based Clinical Review Created 
by One of the Leading Physician Assistant Programs in the U.S.

Earn up to 117.5 Hours of AAPA Category 1 CME credits!

Sponsored by Emory University School of Medicine
Accredited by the American Academy of Physician Assistants

Chances are you have heard about Emory University’s live clinical-based review course held every fall in Atlanta, GA.  The program serves the dual purpose of helping PAs and NPs earn their CME/CE credits and, when needed, prepare for the PANCE/PANRE or advanced practice nursing certification.  Emory’s program, now in its 31st year stands out because of the comprehensive coverage it provides of all body systems, and delivered by leading faculty in an efficient didactic format.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel to Atlanta to benefit from this highly respected clinical review.  Working with Exam Master, Emory is now making their clinical review program available nationwide as a convenient, “at-home” study course.  Now you can draw from the resources of a major university with a top PA program to help you meet your AAPA Category I CME requirements.

Emory University School of Medicine, in partnership with Exam Master, developed a system that helps you save time by providing all of your legally required Category 1 CME credits in one complete program, available at your own pace, time and place.   This comprehensive resource consists of 48 hours of lectures and supplemental materials to refresh the learner's knowledge on a wide range of core medical problems and content.


  • 48 hours of recorded lectures
  • 500 self-assessment questions
  • Digital syllabus with notes
  • Exam Master practice tests
  • Online access to slide decks, PDF handouts, and study pearls
  • 100-Question CE exam
  • Includes 10 hours of pharmacology instruction
  • Covers 11 body systems and special topics

Here is a little more information about Emory University’s School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program and Exam Master.


A leading health science educational company with 28 years of experience developing test, study and review resources for graduate health professions education and advanced practitioners including physician assistants. 

A leading provider of online testing systems and digital PANCE review materials to PA programs throughout the U.S.

Publisher of the PA-CAT physician assistant admissions exam.

Publisher of the PA school readiness program for incoming PA students.

One of the first educational technology companies to develop a true electronic online exam delivery system.


Atlanta's first medical college, Emory University School of Medicine is one of the foremost private facilities for medical education in the Southeast.

The School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant program is one of the highest ranked PA programs in the nation.

Emory has earned its reputation by creating an educational environment where students acquire and apply patient-oriented clinical knowledge in a way that promotes an understanding of human needs and ethical issues.

Graduates are prepared to practice evidence-based primary care and preventive medicine and engage in lifelong learning.

Emory has 31 years of experience in producing and refining its clinical review program.

You May Be Thinking ‘I Still Have Plenty of Time to Earn My CME Credits...’’


Maybe, but...
  • Physician Assistants are among the busiest clinical professionals in the country. You can’t predict your future schedule.
  • Physician Assistants are dealing with a healthcare system struggling with acute shortages of health care workers.  You have very limited time or opportunities to attend conferences and seminars.
  • Conferences and seminars are valuable learning and networking experiences, but the time/cost factor weighs against attending them consistently enough to earn your CME.
  • For many of you who are parents, or have other family commitments, your time and flexibility are even more constrained.
You need a trusted system that helps you earn all of your Category I AAPA CME credits in the most convenient way.

Emory University’s School of Medicine Systems-Based Clinical Review for Physician Assistants

The AAPA accredited self-study program that allows you to earn up to two years’ worth of CME credits when convenient for you!

With our bundle, you will discover:

An interesting, flexible and efficient method of earning your CME credits without neglecting your other responsibilities to work, family, home and to yourself!

How to save dozens of hours of time by not having to attend seminars and workshops.

How to get very high quality CME that actually helps you be a better-informed practitioner.

How to stay confident and focused as a practicing physician assistant by keeping your clinical knowledge updated with one of the most highly respected CME resources available.


Our System Supports Your Professional Development as a Physician Assistant While Offering You the FREEDOM to earn Your CME Requirements at your Own Pace 


Emory University’s Exclusive Systems-Based Clinical Review


Features – Learn Your Way

✔ 48 hours of recorded lectures 
✔ 96 downloadable bite-sized videos in
✔ 485 self-assessment questions based on lecture content
✔ Each segment features relevant quiz questions with 
explanations for better understanding
✔ Digital syllabus with notes
✔ Exam Master practice tests
✔ Online access to slide decks, PDF handouts, and study 
✔ 100-Question CME exam
✔ Includes 10 hours of pharmacology instruction
✔ Covers 11 body systems and special topics
✔ Continually updated content
✔ 12-Months access to all resources
Program Courses

✔ Cardiology
✔ Renal & Genitourinary System
✔ Pulmonary
✔ Gastrointestinal System/Nutrition
✔ Musculoskeletal System
✔ Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat
✔ Neurology
✔ Endocrine/Lipids/Diabetes
✔ Reproductive OB/GYN
✔ Infectious Diseases
✔ Psychiatry
✔ Dermatology
✔ Hematology
✔ Pain Management-Continuing Education in Pain 
Management is required by many states licensing boards.
✔ Pediatrics
✔ Emergency Medicine
✔ Professional Issues
✔ Board Review Skills Review for Labs and Studies 

Earn CE Credits

✔ All activities accredited by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).  AAPA activities are approved for APRN nursing CE by both the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AAPA) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

✔ Claim up to 117.5 hours of CAT 1 self-assessment hours by reviewing all of the course materials and then passing a 100-question CME capstone exam.

✔ Eligible for 40 NCCPA Bonus CME Credits.

✔ CME credits cover full 2-year requirements.

✔ For Nurse Practitioners, build your clinical confidence and professional development while also meeting your CE requirements for your individual state's nursing board 

Prepare for PANCE/PANRE

✔ Advanced Preparation for PANCE/PANRE
✔ The PANCE and PANRE practice exams cover all body systems and clinician tasks, including history taking, performing a physical examination, and using diagnostic and laboratory studies.

For years Exam Master and Emory have collaborated to offer one of the best clinical reviews and CME/CE programs available anywhere.

3 Reasons Why Emory University School of Medicine & Exam Master Offer the Best Self-Study System to Get Your CME Credits as a Practicing Physician Assistant:

Emory University is one of the top universities globally for Physician Assistants. The academic quality of this resource is unmatched. You will learn from the best minds.
The Systems-Based Clinical Review is updated continually, keeping up with the latest changes in Medicine. You will have unlimited access to this fresh knowledge for an entire year!
By relying on a self-study method, you will be in control of your CME and professional development, giving you the freedom to be the best PA possible while helping you keep up with your life responsibilities.

Emory University’s Systems-Based Clinical Review Offers You These Unique Benefits to Optimize Your Study Experience:

It saves you dozens of hours earning CME credits using more traditional in-person, seminar-based methods.
You have the ability to review all the 11 body systems and special topics in a modern online learning portal.
Allows you to take up to 12-months to use these extensive resources to earn your two year AAPA Category I CME requirement.
You can take the PANCE and PANRE practice exams in test, study, or learning mode to make sure you completely understand everything you need in case you’re preparing for recertification.
Includes 360-days of access to all CME resources and PANRE, PANCE practice exams.

It’s a gratifying experience to help busy Physician Assistants like you earn your CME credits on your own terms.

Emory University and Exam Master take this responsibility very seriously.

Let’s work together to help you support your professional development while also saving you a considerable amount of time and energy!


Board Prep Only – No CME

 48 hours of video instruction
Supplemental Modules
Test, Study, and Review Modes
300+ Quiz Questions
PANCE/PANRE Practice Exam
12-Months of Access
Only $175
YES! Give Me the Emory Systems-Based Clinical Review NOW!


Fully Accredited CME

Fully Accredited for Physician Assistants
 48 hours of video instruction
Supplemental Modules
300+ Quiz Questions
✔ PANCE/PANRE Practice Exam
✔ CME Self-Assessment
12-Months of Access
Only $475
YES! Give Me the Emory Systems-Based Clinical Review + CME NOW!

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Take a Look Inside Emory’s Systems-Based Clinical Review
Click the link below to download and receive the following at no charge or obligation:
  • Exam Master Emory Physician Assistant CME Flyer
  • Sample Slides from Cardiology Module
  • Sample GI Study Pearls
  • Sample Links to Medscape Articles for Further Learning


Q: How many CME credits does the program offer?
A: A practicing PA may claim up to 117.5 hours of AAPA Category I CME.  Requires completion of a 100 question CME exam.

Q: Must I view all of the videos to earn CME credit?
A: Yes, the activity is structured for the participant to review all of the content prior to taking the capstone CME exam in order to earn their credit.  Review of all of the material also ensures deeper learning of the integrated concepts.

Q: Does completion of this program satisfy my state CE requirements?
A: Possibly.  Many state licensing boards do accept AAPA/NCCPA CME activities as a substitute for other state-authorized CME activities.  Participation in this program may satisfy some or all of your state’s CME requirements, so it is important to check with your licensing jurisdiction.

Q: What is the difference between Category I CME and Category I Self-Assessment CME?
A: Both types of CME count toward your bi-annual 50 hour Category I requirement.  The Emory Review features a self-assessment (tests and quizzes) component which enables the participant to earn up to 117.5 hours of Category I Self-Assessment CME.

Q: Can this program be used by advanced practice nurses?
A: Yes, this program is quite suitable for advanced practice providers of many types including NPs.  This program is eligible for reciprocal ANCC and AANP CE credit with certain limitations or requirements.  Check with your certifying authority for specific guidance.

Q: When does my access begin?
A: Your one-year access begins from the date you first log on to the system.

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