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Pharmacy School Graduates Taking the Florida MPJE Exam

Use Exam Master’s Proven System to Pass the MPJE on Your First Try and Finally Begin Your Career


Find out how pharmacy graduates like you have passed the challenging MPJE exam thanks to Exam Master’s unique focused study method.


Note: Our Florida MPJE exam is now based on the

2023 NABP Competency Statements!

Get the Florida MPJE Study System

$249 $199

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Includes Everything Below

Complete Florida MPJE Pharmacy Law Compendium (122 pages!)
Florida MPJE High-Yield 120-Question Exam
Concise Summary of all FL Drug Laws, Statutes and Regs
Complete listing of all MPJE Competencies by Practice Area
Special MPJE Competencies Review and Study Tips
Special MPJE Data Sheet.
✔ Includes Money Back Guarantee
Includes 6-months access to all resources
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Florida’s MPJE Study System NOW


Avoid the Confusion of Pharmacy Laws by Following the Guidance of a Trusted Expert. 


Dear Pharmacy graduate preparing for the MPJE,


While pharmacy schools generally do a really good job of preparing pharmacy graduates for the NAPLEX, it is often a different story for the MPJE. Time and resources are limited.  The fact is, in some ways the MPJE may be more challenging than the NAPLEX.  For one thing, pass rates are often lower for the MPJE.
  • Understanding pharmacy laws on your own is difficult, you are not a lawyer. 
  • You have the pressure of knowing you cannot become a licensed pharmacist until you pass both the NAPLEX and the MPJE.
  • You may not be feeling particularly well-prepared for the MPJE causing you even more stress.
The good news is Exam Master specializes in helping recent pharmacy school graduates when they really need it: getting licensed!
We understand you took the more challenging road to becoming a pharmacist in order to make a difference in your communities and live up to the high standards you set for yourself.
As a pharmacy school graduate, you have many career opportunities in pharmacy (congratulations, you earned it).  But to get there you need to understand pharmacy law better than what you may have learned in pharmacy school.
That’s why we developed a system that helps you save time by focusing your study on topics that matter for your state’s MPJE exam.


"Exam Master allowed me to pass my MPJE exam and become a licensed pharmacist."
Keisha S
2021 MPJE
"I passed and this was my 4th attempt. I did 2 things differently this time: 1) I read all the statutes and 2) I read the test on Exam Master. I didn't fully attempt to answer the questions unless I knew for sure I knew the answer. If not, I read the question and the correct answers given."
Catherine M
"Passed on the first attempt, great product. "
Muhammad E
2021 MPJE



Exam Master was founded to help aspiring medical students and practitioners better prepare for their licensure exams.


We’re a leading health science educational company developing outcome/competency review-based resources for graduate medical education and practicing healthcare professionals like pharmacists, doctors, physician assistants, dentists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.


Exam Master was one of the pioneers in developing online testing platforms, with the first version of our healthcare tests released in 2001.


With the help of medical subject experts, practicing clinicians, and educators, we develop our own high-quality educational resources and question banks for many graduate healthcare professions.

101,466 SERVED

For close to 30 years, we have had the privilege of serving over 101,466 health professionals like yourself, enabling them to tackle new challenges and progress in their medical careers.

You’re Probably Thinking
‘I Already Paid for Four Years of Pharmacy School. I Will Probably Pass the MPJE Easily.’


Maybe, but...
Did you know that more than 25% of students don’t pass their state-specific MPJE exam on their first attempt? Why does this happen?
  • Many students rely on questionable study materials they find on Reddit and discover their state specific MPJE exam is much more confusing and in-depth than NAPLEX.
  • Doesn’t pharmacy school prepare you for the MPJE? Well, yes and no.  While pharmacy schools do have an obligation to present pharmacy law to their students for the state where they are located, time and resources are limited.  Pharmacy students spend far more time learning the science of pharmacy than they do the law of pharmacy which in itself can be extraordinarily complex.
  • The MPJE exam is very scenario-based and knowing the correct answer requires you to understand the applicable law.  While the MPJE is based on a set of competencies applicable to the practice of pharmacy in all states (and what they teach you in pharmacy school), each state’s drug laws are different in sometimes important ways.  That is why each state has its own MPJE examination.  Unfortunately, there is no free lunch when it comes to preparing for each state’s MPJE exam.
The key to passing Florida’s MPJE exam is to rely on a resource that efficiently combines a complete review of Florida drug laws with a high-yield MPJE diagnostic exam.

After 2,016,290 Exams and Quizzes Created Since 1994 
Exam Master Presents Our Exclusive:

Florida MPJE High-Yield Study System Guaranteed to Help You Pass the MPJE
The most complete review for the State of Florida MPJE available anywhere 


Complete Florida MPJE Pharmacy Law Compendium (122 pages!)
Florida MPJE High-Yield 120-Question Exam 
Concise Summary of all FL Drug Laws, Statutes and Regs
Complete listing of all MPJE Competencies by Practice Area
Special MPJE Competencies Review and Study Tips
Special MPJE Data Sheet
Includes Money-Back Guarantee
Includes 6-months access to all resources
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With Our High-Yield MPJE Study System
You Will Discover:

  • The high-yield study method used by Pharmacists who pass Florida’s MPJE exam while not disrupting their day-to-day lives.
  • How to save hundreds of hours of legal research.
  • A legal resource that Pharmacists can use to help remember the specific MPJE legal statutes and regulations associated with each state-specific MPJE exam.
  • How to quickly identify the state and federal laws associated with your specific state MPJE exam.
  • That you can stop reading blog after blog with contradictory info about what to study.
  • How to feel confident about taking the MPJE law exam.


“The explanations were clear and helpful, practice questions are similar to actual MPJE. I would totally recommend if you are looking for practice questions or an active learning style, Exam Master would not disappoint you.”
Emily Fu
2021 MPJE
“These exams were so comprehensive and very close to the actual exam's difficulty! I really enjoyed the multiple exam-taking modes you can go into. What I thought was very innovative was the fact that there was a detailed explanation for each individual answer choice. Some other products will go too into detail and it's very realistic, but this one gives you enough detail without taking too much of your time.”
Jared S
“The practice questions provided through Exam Master were critical to my success in passing the NY MPJE. The references were accurate and helped expand my studying. I will be sure to use Exam Master in the future for other exams!”
Jasmine R
2021 New York MPJE

Our High-Yield Study System Includes Everything You Need to Pass the MPJE 


About the Florida Pharmacy Law Compendium

Provides Complete Review of Florida Pharmacy Law and Regulations

  • All information organized by MPJE competency and practice areas
  • Covers all of Florida’s pharmacy law, statutes and regulations
  • Covers federal pharmacy law as applied in the State of Florida
  • 122 pages of comprehensive information

Thoroughly Researched and Annotated

  • Includes detailed Florida statutory and regulatory citations and references
  • Includes a concise summary of relevant areas of Florida drug law including pharmacy acts and statutes, pharmacy regulations, Controlled Substances Act, Controlled Substances regulations
  • Includes all recent updates to Florida drug laws and regulations
  • Includes study tips for key areas such as personnel ratios, duties, tasks, roles, and functions of non-pharmacist personnel
About Exam Master’s High-Yield Florida MPJE Exam

Provides Realistic MPJE Exam Experience and Practice

  • 120 MPJE-type questions covering all key competencies you need to know
  • Questions written in the MPJE format
  • Similar weighting and organization as the actual MPJE
  • Detailed explanations and references for all questions
  • Accurate and up to date covering current Florida pharmacy law
  • Full six months’ access

Delivered on a Fast, Efficient and Flexible Testing Platform

  • Choose from test, study and review modes
  • Ability to annotate and mark questions for later review
  • Ability to review just the questions you answered incorrectly
  • Provides detailed scoring diagnosis by practice area
  • Take the exam as often as you wish – full six months' access
Includes Special Supplemental Resources

MPJE Data Sheet – Learn What’s in the Exam

  • Overall FL MPJE topic breakdown and question weighting
  • Detailed breakdown of topics by Pharmacy Practice
  • Licensure, registration, certification, and operational requirements subject breakdown
  • Detailed breakdown of topics related to general regulatory processes

Special “Master the MPJE” Study Tips

  • Unique approach to learning all key competencies
  • Special study tips


The exam consists of mostly situational questions, so critical thinking on the exam is very important.
Exam Master has 25 years of experience developing simulated board and licensure exams for advanced health professions including pharmacy and medicine.
It is critical that you identify your knowledge gaps so take the high yield exam in test mode to know where you stand.
All questions are thoroughly reviewed by our editorial team including a national editor, a licensed pharmacist, lawyer, and law professor at a pharmacy university.
While there are many similarities between individual state drug laws, understanding important distinctions between one state’s drug laws and another is critical.
The MPJE exam may toss obscure and nuanced info at you, so you must dig deep with such statutes as sterile compounding, hazardous drugs, and other topics to be able fully prepared for the MPJE.

We Have the Best Resources Available to Help You 
Pass Florida’s MPJE Exam

That’s Why We Offer a Money-Back Guarantee* 
If you don’t pass the Florida MPJE Exam (you will definitely pass
we will pay $100 towards the fee of your next Florida MPJE Exam

If you follow our Money-Back Guarantee study plan* and you don’t pass, we will give you back $100 towards your following MPJE exam fee.
No questions asked.
We offer the best product in the market, and that’s why we stand behind it.
To learn more about our Money-Back Guarantee, please review our Frequently Asked Questions section at the very bottom of this page. 

Exam Master uses an extensive legal research and review process to create all of our
state-specific MPJE study resources, including our MPJE Pharmacy Compendium
and MPJE High-Yield 120-Question Exam for the state of Florida.

5 Reasons Why Exam Master Offers the Best 
MPJE Exam Study System on The Market:

Our Florida pharmacy law compendium is the most complete resource available anywhere because it brings together all Florida pharmacy laws and acts, statutes and regulations in a single comprehensive document.
Our Florida pharmacy law compendium is unique in that it accurately organizes Florida drug laws and regulations by MPJE Competency and Practice Area.  Thoroughly researched and annotated.
Exam Master’s High-Yield MPJE Exam for Florida was developed using the same competency domains and sample blueprint as the actual MPJE.  It offers the most realistic MPJE exam experience.  Includes detailed explanations, references and citations for further review and study.
Exam Master’s MPJE High-Yield Exam for Florida offers an interactive testing experience that greatly complements the more tedious job of reviewing statutes, laws and regulations.
Supplemental resources like the MPJE data sheet and competency study guide give you better insight into the structure of the MPJE so that there are no surprises on exam day.

The Exam Master System Offers You These Important Benefits:

Saves you hundreds of hours having to research all of Florida’s pharmacy laws yourself.  We do the hard work for you.
Provides better insight into what is actually covered on the MPJE exam for the State of Florida.  Eliminates surprises and builds confidence.
Helps you completely understand the critical information because our High-Yield MPJE exam provides you with detailed explanations, references, and study tips.
Provides you with the confidence of knowing that the material is thoroughly researched and up to date.  Includes actual drug law statutes and regulations.
Helps you prepare over time, as your schedule permits, by giving you a full 180 day access to all included resources.

Our mission is to help busy pharmacy graduates like you pass their state-specific MPJE exam.  Exam Master takes this responsibility very seriously.

Let us help you pass Florida’s MPJE exam on your first try…while also saving you a considerable amount of time and energy!

Get the Florida MPJE Study System

$249 $199

Save 20% Use Coupon Code: MPJE20

Includes Everything Below

Complete Florida MPJE Pharmacy Law Compendium (122 pages!)
Florida MPJE High-Yield 120-Question Exam
Concise Summary of all FL Drug Laws, Statutes and Regs
Complete listing of all MPJE Competencies by Practice Area
Special MPJE Competencies Review and Study Tips
Special MPJE Data Sheet
✔ Includes Money Back Guarantee
Includes 6-months access to all resources
YES! Give Me Exam Master’s High-Yield
Florida’s MPJE Study System NOW

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Take a Look Inside our High-Yield Florida MPJE Study System for Free!
Click the Link Below to Receive the Following:
  • Outline of our Florida MPJE Drug Law Compendium 
  • Sample Section of our Florida MPJE Drug Law Compendium 
  • 10-Question Sample High-Yield MPJE Florida Exam with Answers and Explanations
  • Data Sheet on our High-Yield MPJE Florida Exam


Q: Of the 120 Questions on the Florida MPJE exam, how many are state-specific?
A: On most MPJE state-specific exams, including Florida, approximately 70-75 of the questions are state specific (built upon federal law or supplementing federal law where permitted).
Q: My school did a good job of teaching pharmacy law in the state where I was trained.  Do I still need to prepare for the MPJE when I relocate to another state?
A: If your school gave you a good grounding in pharmacy law for the state where you went to school, good news.  But unfortunately, the Florida MPJE exam (or any other state) is not testing you on theory or just the core concepts you may have learned in school.  Each state’s MPJE exam, including Florida, tests very specific statutory and regulatory requirements as they apply to that specific state.  You need to know this material to pass the exam.
Q: Why is Florida’s MPJE exam different from Texas’s MPJE exam or New York’s MPJE exam?
A: Although all states must follow federal law, they do have the ability to supplement federal drug law and create their own drug laws that do not conflict with federal law.  This is why there are 50 state MPJE exams and not one national exam.  We research each state’s laws individually prior to producing our high-yield MPJE exams. 
Q: What’s the best method to study for Florida’s MPJE exam?
A: We have found that when you combine a thorough initial review of the current state-specific MPJE pharmacy competency/statutes/regulations and then with a curated high-quality state-specific practice exam, you will have the best chance of passing your MPJE exam on the first try.
Q: Can we purchase just the Florida MPJE pharmacy competency report or the Florida MPJE practice exam separately?
A: No, we have found that these two resources work better together in helping practicing pharmacists prepare for their state's MPJE exam than separately.
Q: What are the Money-Back Guarantee requirements?
A: Below are the requirements needed for purchaser of Exam Master's MPJE Study Resources to qualify for the $100 Money-Back Guarantee:
  • You must spend at least 10-hours in Exam Master's LMS reviewing your State-specific pharmacy laws, statutes and regulations.
  • You must take your state specific MPJE High-Yield Exam in Test, Study and Learning Mode within Exam Master's online testing platform.
  • You must have taken the official State MPJE exam at least 30-days after purchase of Exam Master's MPJE Study Resources.
  • To prove you did not pass, you must submit your official State MPJE score to our Customer Service Team.
  • Purchaser is limited to only one Money-Back Guarantee per-purchase.
  • Please submit your Money-Back Guarantee request, including your official MPJE score, and any additional questions, to our Customer Service Team: 
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Since 1994, Exam Master has been serving the graduate health care educational community and its health care practitioners with extensively researched and developed study and exam prep resources. We currently serve the following disciplines: Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, General Medicine and Medical Residency Programs.